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Nurse Consultants to Help You With Living Healthy

Services for You.

Are you confused with your medications? Do you have a complete list of your medications with dosages available in case you need emergency medical care? Do you know why you are taking them and how to take them?

Let our Professional Registered Nurses assist you with any or all of these issues.

Health Classes for You.

Make it a group thing

As Registered Nurses we are professional educators. Let us provide classes or information to you or your group with an emphasis on healthy living.

Community CPR is also offered.

Concierge Nurses are available now.

Services are provided on a donation basis.

All proceeds go to Medical Based Student Scholarships,  

Check out the Vial of Life Program. We can assist you with filling out the information and provide the stickers for you. Or you can click on the link and do it yourself.

Don't waste one minute more!

Call us today to set up a consultation.


Chrys Young RN,
Executive Director

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